Saturday, September 17, 2011

We are not sure who had more fun with who...But either way Sean liked Molly and Molly liked Sean...and it was fun to watch them both.

Nicole's Big Day

So, for Nicole's big graduation celebration we found a beautiful place to camp at the hot springs right out side of Rexburg....Most of the week we had the entire place to our self. The weekend it picked up a little more.  What was really fun was that Sarah and Sean came out to Idaho from Texas earlier and then spent two days with us camping.  It was so fun to get the two of them all by ourselves.  So these are just some random pictures of the fun before graduation.

 These not so smart girls played right into the Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil

 It was really nice because Jim and Novena joined us for part of the celebration as well.
Two of my favorite people.
 Sarah was having Sean sing Primary songs for us and this was In The Leafy Tree Tops...I thought it was really clever because she was using little branches from the trees near by.
Nicole, her mom, and her ukalai
Sean and Aunt 'Cola...He really likes her!!
 We camped next to a really cool place that had rock climbing...We just happen to meet some kids from BYU who were from Oregon City...Who one of them just happen to be the grandson of a kid I had a crush on as a young adult.  They harnessed me up and I climbed up the rock!!
 We toured the landscape gardens at BYU-I with Jeff and Sarah....This was one of my favorites of me and the boy.
Grandpa doing what he enjoyed the most on this trip!

 Our tents were right below a zip line so that was fun everynow and then to see people come sailing by.
 Grandpa Rich and Sean Boy
 Sarah, Sean and Grandpa
Sarah, Sean and Grandma.....We had so much fun with them and really appreciated the sacrifice they made to come out....