Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Girls of Primary

Here is my new Primary class. At the end of last year the Presidency asked if I would like to stay with the little ones I had. They were the 5 year olds. Or if I would like more of a challange. I said I would enjoy a challange....So....I got a class that has been one.
Jessie, Elizabeth, Anna, Gracie, and Brooke....They are 9 years old....a bit of a handful....
BUT....I ADORE THEM and I am in Heaven!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The new Snuggy (plus one)

For Christmas Rich got me a Snuggy...sort of. It was a knock off. It was plaid, opened in the front, and had snaps. And the one size fits all? Did not fit me. So he took it back and got the real McCoy. The next thing I knew, every time I wanted to use it while sitting in the family room... he had it on! It, being one of the biggest jokes, has become one of the must have items of the new decade (evident by the battle we were having over it). He decided he too needed one. So off to Walmart he went. Next thing I know he is walking all over the house with it on. Like it's a sweater or something...(he is very proud of it and has no idea how silly he looks)I asked for a pose...the following 2 pictures are what I got...

I pointed out that it makes him look he may want to be selective in where he is seen in it.

The scariest thing??? He now believes he has Jedi-Powers when he wears it.