Saturday, September 17, 2011

We are not sure who had more fun with who...But either way Sean liked Molly and Molly liked Sean...and it was fun to watch them both.

Nicole's Big Day

So, for Nicole's big graduation celebration we found a beautiful place to camp at the hot springs right out side of Rexburg....Most of the week we had the entire place to our self. The weekend it picked up a little more.  What was really fun was that Sarah and Sean came out to Idaho from Texas earlier and then spent two days with us camping.  It was so fun to get the two of them all by ourselves.  So these are just some random pictures of the fun before graduation.

 These not so smart girls played right into the Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil

 It was really nice because Jim and Novena joined us for part of the celebration as well.
Two of my favorite people.
 Sarah was having Sean sing Primary songs for us and this was In The Leafy Tree Tops...I thought it was really clever because she was using little branches from the trees near by.
Nicole, her mom, and her ukalai
Sean and Aunt 'Cola...He really likes her!!
 We camped next to a really cool place that had rock climbing...We just happen to meet some kids from BYU who were from Oregon City...Who one of them just happen to be the grandson of a kid I had a crush on as a young adult.  They harnessed me up and I climbed up the rock!!
 We toured the landscape gardens at BYU-I with Jeff and Sarah....This was one of my favorites of me and the boy.
Grandpa doing what he enjoyed the most on this trip!

 Our tents were right below a zip line so that was fun everynow and then to see people come sailing by.
 Grandpa Rich and Sean Boy
 Sarah, Sean and Grandpa
Sarah, Sean and Grandma.....We had so much fun with them and really appreciated the sacrifice they made to come out....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Beaver Freezer Triathlon
April 3ed, 2010 started at 6 a.m.
Lynda, Kasey, and I just going into the event.
Lynda and I trained together for 3 months.
Kasey is in our ward and is a good friend. 
 Lost his legs during a run in with a semi at age 6 but has the most amazing attitude...
Kacey won!!! He beat us by about an hour....
I started with a 5oo meter swim.
Then a 12 mile bike ride ending up with a 5K run/walk.....
Here I have one lap to go on my 5 k run...I was so excited to come around the corner and Rich and Nicole were standing there with the cutest little signs they had made....
It was the best feeling ever to cross the finish line. I was exhausted beyond belief but ran the whole last few yards to run over the finish line...
The whole way I was crying and saying.
"I did it, I did it, I did it." It was such a high....
As I crossed the line I could see
Rich and Nicole were off to the side.
Rich ran up and grabbed me. He was crying and kept saying that he was so proud of me.
Later I thought about that moment and thought it must be what it's like when we pass through this life and the others waiting on the other side after a the long and sometimes difficult race called life.They will be so proud of us as well...and we will fall into their embrace....I have never ever felt such love from any one in my life as I did in the moment with Rich...
Rich and Nicole (my number one fans).
Poor Nicole had worked all night and still came with her Dad to cheer on her Mom.  It was amazing....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In love on Valentines Day....

Sun rise, Sun set....swiftly flow the years.....
It seems like only a couple of years ago, this was Jeffy lying in my arms....
And I thought I knew what the love of a child was...
Holding his sleeping son in my arms only endears my heart all the more to Jeff.
Thanks Son for always showing me what unconditional love is all about.

There is nothing better in this life than family....Each one of my children have picked amazing wives and husbands which means I think all my grandchildren are blessed with the best parents in the world!! Jeff, Sarah, and Sean...thanks for making Valentines Day a day I loved!!
Jeff and 'Cola being the good buddies they always have been. And Jeff is not one bit ashamed of whatever it is Nicole puts on her feet...
How much do I love my beautiful daughter-in-law? How can I measure a thing like that when I am so aware of the incredible love and devotion she has for my grandchild. I love you Sarah!
And someday you'll understand just how that is possible...when Sean marries the most perfect little girl for him. of the best play toys a child can have.
Nicole says, "babies are sticky"....meaning she is not too thrilled with any of them. And yet her nephew, whom she loves, can suck on her finger and she is more than fine. Sean, you are lucky to have an Aunt Nicole in your life....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Girls of Primary

Here is my new Primary class. At the end of last year the Presidency asked if I would like to stay with the little ones I had. They were the 5 year olds. Or if I would like more of a challange. I said I would enjoy a challange....So....I got a class that has been one.
Jessie, Elizabeth, Anna, Gracie, and Brooke....They are 9 years old....a bit of a handful....
BUT....I ADORE THEM and I am in Heaven!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The new Snuggy (plus one)

For Christmas Rich got me a Snuggy...sort of. It was a knock off. It was plaid, opened in the front, and had snaps. And the one size fits all? Did not fit me. So he took it back and got the real McCoy. The next thing I knew, every time I wanted to use it while sitting in the family room... he had it on! It, being one of the biggest jokes, has become one of the must have items of the new decade (evident by the battle we were having over it). He decided he too needed one. So off to Walmart he went. Next thing I know he is walking all over the house with it on. Like it's a sweater or something...(he is very proud of it and has no idea how silly he looks)I asked for a pose...the following 2 pictures are what I got...

I pointed out that it makes him look he may want to be selective in where he is seen in it.

The scariest thing??? He now believes he has Jedi-Powers when he wears it.